Thank you from an impatient woman

First I should confess that I was so excited to get my book to the formatter that I completely forgot to include an acknowledgements section!  Secondly, I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to publish so I went ahead and uploaded it after the Super Bowl.  I ran a contest on a facebook page and drummed up nearly 200 likes for my author page and I guess the excitement just trickled over and I couldn’t help it.  Now that I’ve confessed that and taken a break from stalking Barnes & Noble to see if it’s gone live there (it hasn’t and might not for a couple more days) I will use my blog as a forum to thank those who I think deserve it.

Firstly, I want to thank my beta readers, Brandy, Taryn, Heidi and Jen.  I appreciate all of the feedback and assistance with getting it corrected.  I’m glad that Lucy no longer has a tea seat.  Those days waiting for you all to read it were the longest days of my life!  I’ve wanted to write a book for so long and I was so worried about what people would think of it and you 4 made it a painless process.

I also want to give a special thank you to Jen, my fearless leader on Just One More Page.  She helped me in ways too numerous to detail.  She helped me with teasers, a cover reveal, emotional support and even let me run a contest on the blog.  I’m lucky to have stumbled across you so long ago.

The rest of the ladies at JOMP for letting me rant and those who have read it, will read it and review it and yes Jennifer I will be delving into book 2 later today.  Rory is a’callin me.

Next I want to thank Laramie Briscoe, another author.  She has been so supportive and put up with me asking questions, right up to hitting the publish button on Amazon last night.  I was in an absolute panic wondering what I was supposed to pick and she was there.  Yes I probably would have muddled through it without her but lucky for me I didn’t have to.  She even introduced me to Seraphina Donavan who made my gorgeous cover for me.  I will definitely pay it forward one day.

There are people I wish I could thank, like my grandparents.  My grandmother might not have read what I wrote but I know she would have been my cheerleader in it all.  I miss that nutty woman every day of my life.  Papaw might have read it because he loved to read but I probably would have discouraged that (it is a romance after all).

My kiddos who put up with me taking over the computer when they just wanted to watch Youtube.  Tough crap, I’m going to do it again since I’m working on book #2.  Come on people, buy my book.  Kiddo #1 needs new shoes…just kidding.  In all honesty, I have some pretty awesome kids and while they don’t really have much to do with my book they have to do with keeping me happy.  Although if I hear middle little’un say that my cover means my book is dirty I might just move into a tiny house out back.

And finally Eric, I know I’m not the most expressive of people, well unless you piss me off and then I’m pretty damn good at sharing that emotion.  However, you’ve always supported everything I do and I thank you for that.  You know I’m not very good with the kissy/huggy emotional stuff and yet you still like me.  I sure hope you know how I feel about you.  I love you.

Thank you again to everyone, I love you all and I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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