Week 1

I am so new to all of this.  I put my book up on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble and started emailing blogs asking them to share buy links.  I’m not a best seller that’s for sure but I am incredibly grateful for what I have gotten out there.  Thanks to everyone.  I am still so unsure of what steps to take and what the right thing to do is.  Lucky for me I live in Kentucky and there is a great group of fellow authors here in the state who took me in as one of their own.  I had the great pleasure of joining them for lunch on Saturday and we had a wonderful meal and hours of talk, a lot of which was about cats.  I realized there was a lot going on with my own writing that needs to be worked out.  I will be starting on a novella before I start book 2.  I’ve also pulled my book from Nook and will, for now, go exclusive with Amazon.

A word to the wise, if you ever go to Bardstown, KY be sure to go to the Old Talbot Tavern.


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